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Living Mindfully

Benvenuto nello spazio di condivisione blog su psicologia e benessere, Living Mindfully.

Qui troverai tanti spunti per riflettere e orientare la tua vita consapevolmente, indicazioni per tecniche di aiuto, nozioni di psicologia generale, e in genere contenuti che possono ispirare e coltivare uno stato di mentale positivo e aperto.

Trovi anche altri post sul blog di siamo mindfulness a questo link. Buona Lettura!

Welcome to the Living Mindfullly sharing space. Here you will find many ideas to reflect and direct your life counsciosyly, to receive ideas and contents that can inspire and cultivate a conscious and happy state of mind. Enjoy the reading!


Invitation to go deeper into Self discovery

Do not believe anything just because you heard it.

Do not believe anything simply because it is discussed or announced by many.

Do not believe in something just because you found it written in your religious texts.

Do not believe in anything just because it derives from the authority of teachers and the elderly.

Do not believe in traditions just because they have been handed down for generations.

But only after observations and analysis, when you have seen that everything is in agreement with the causes and that it leads to the good and benefits for the individual and for the community, only then can you accept it and live accordingly.

(Kalama Sutta, pp, 188-193)

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