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Start now to take care of yourself.

An anonymous space, open where you can explore the needs of the soul and dissolve those problems that sometimes seem insurmountable.

Here you can find this, along with a comforting friendly voice wherever you are.

I would like to bring you to reflect on the question of psychology, but not as a concept understood by many and not as a boring and mechanical observation of the mind.

I would like to take you deep into a journey inside you and learn about the values, needs, and unexplored sides of your soul.

Every disturbance, whether it is physiological, psychological, emotional, is the consequence of a fundamental distance with ourselves and with what is called "soul", the recollection of the essence of it is healing, it is psycho-logy, it is integration.

My experience with issues of stress, anxiety, depression, chronic diseases, cancer, sleep disorders and food issues will be a valuable contribution to the work we will do together.

What is your problem? Identify among the themes below the one that is closest to your needs and we will start from there together, to heal and learn how to handle emotions and difficulties that alone can not and that are also difficult to express.

I will teach you mind-breathing techniques and breathing exercises that you can do alone or at home, useful to calm the system, and facilitate healing and mental clarity.

Are you ready? Book your introductory session of 25 minutes and let’s find together how to improve drastically your life.

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Problematic areas

Here are the six areas where you can try to identify your problem. If you do not find yourself fully here, it is possible that your discomfort is general and does not have a "name". In this case together we can find a starting point to achieve a state of well-being that fully satisfies you.


Stress when accumulated in the body can give rise to many disorders: psychological and physical. Every little event seems to be "too much", or difficult to manage. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, difficulty falling asleep some of the areas touched by this "invisible enemy"

BODY IMAGE and diet

Not feeling at ease with the image of oneself, with one's weight, with the relationship of the body is a problem common to many. Do you think you have eating disorders, or are you constantly looking for the right diet, you never know what to eat, has food become your obsession? We can talk about it and find a right solution for you, chasing different short-term and long-term medical / nutritional advice.


How difficult is it to relate to others? With the other? Sometimes family members become the biggest obstacle, instead of helping us they limit and constrain us. And the relationship with your partner? Sometimes being single becomes an unbearable burden, to judge for not being "enough". Sometimes having a partner becomes a burden, and freedom is dreamed of. Friendships seem to change, or difficult to establish. If this resonates then this could be an area of criticality to explore.


Finding that you are ill is a key episode of your life. All of one's existence seems to be brought into play, a delicate moment in which it becomes necessary and to find out more about oneself. In these moments nobody seems to understand us. It's difficult, sometimes a one-way trip. My lucky personal story of healing from cancer will help you. Request by email an extract from the book "Diary of a lymphomaniac - the disease as a cure".


Feeling disoriented, lost. Where to go, what to do? Why do I exist? What is my purpose? Who I am? What are my talents? Why do I do a job that does not value me? What were my dreams when… I was young? Many important imputations to understand this problem and need to figure out how to use your energies to the best for your life purpose.


Difficulty to concentrate, to be with oneself, but also with others, with your own commitments, with your own projects. Sometimes feeling like a cloud of chaos envelops your perception. Distraction at work, declining productivity, difficulty with colleagues, difficulty organizing priorities. We seem to lose a lot of time and do not finish anything.

Why choosing an online therapy?*

More flexibile.

Yes! You don’t need to move location, just pick op your phone and get hold of.

More affordable.

Prices for an online therapy are more accessible than the traditional therapy.

More private.

You can decide to stay anonymous, and keep this therapy for your self.

*You can also decide to book a therapy in studio or partecipate to seminars and retreats to have a personal contact with the therapist.


We must all obey to the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


Let’s chat.

Have you identified your problem area? Even if you have not found it, or it is not on the list, write by email or on the form below your request and question and I will reply within 24 hours of your request.

You can also write directly to the number whatzupp +393391181283 and set up a first introductory interview of 25 minutes. You will receive an aswer and will be able to book your first session.

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