Francesca Maria Salerno


Hi! I’m Francesca …

With my work that combines psychology, mindfulness and yoga from the Vedic himalayan tradition, I had the opportunity to help so many people both individually and through online groups and seminars, they were looking for a way to greater serenity and solution to their problems, or who were looking for a guide to learn effectively mindfulness and meditation practices.

In truth I too have always had great difficulty in finding centering, clarity and above all to manage emotions that are sometimes uncontrollable but above all and the small and great challenges of life from relationships, to illness, to growth and finding a place in this world. I personally had to face great anxieties and sometimes even months of sadness and depression, uncertainty and paralyzing difficulties.

Precisely for this reason, after graduating in psychology and a master's degree in occupational psychology, I applied myself to the study of meditation and mindfulness to hone my knowledge and skills of control, focus and healing on multiple levels.

This passion led me to sink my studies in India, for three consecutive years in the presence of a master of the vedic himalayan tradition, and then becoming a teacher of yoga and meditation.

Mindfulness and meditation have already helped so many people… I teach them with online courses, private sessions and seminars, yoga and meditation sessions.

Today we do not have to go so far to learn mindfulness and yoga meditation practices, but what is really difficult is to find someone to guide us along this path with professionalism and dedication. The method I propose that integrates these approaches will offer you all the tools to learn and solve the issues closest to you.


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Francesca Maria Salerno

Born in Rome on August 14th 1985, traveler, writer and enthusiast of life. She likes to create moments of deep connection and healing. He now lives in Italy, between Rome and the Tuscan countryside. Organize meditation groups, awareness events, yoga, silent retreats, and MBSR stress reduction courses. Manages the website.




Doctor in Psychology, 2007

Master in Science of Psychology and Human Resources, 2009


MBSR instructor Mindfulness, 2011

SATTVA YOGA ACADEMY (India, Rishikesh)

Sattva Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Master Trainer 2018


• Individual psychology therapies
• Mindfulness Sessions
• Yoga and Meditation group Retreats (