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A bit of history…

I remember the call to the study of psychology began as a child, I was twelve years old when I was asked at school what I wanted to do. The psychologist! Perhaps because my father had done the same studies, or perhaps because I had always been interested in plumbing the human soul.

A year in America to study English, he allowed me to just 16 years to pass it to have an identity that easily calls "home" this entire planet, even if I am strongly linked to my Italian origins, to the good life, to food, to the landscapes and habits of the country to the south of Europe, which over the years was discovered to be very similar to India, my second home.

Although it is a critical, disorganized, difficult country, according to many, for me it remains the only place in the world where today I decide to plunge the roots.

A year in Spain to study psychology at the CEU University of Madrid, it allowed me to speak fluent Spanish and to connect with the Italian neighbors in Italy, confirming even more my openness towards travel, exploration and discovery of the Other , of the different, of the similar.

At the age of 18, the first yoga class opened my eyes (or rather the third eye as they say in the jargon), towards a new possibility of human knowledge and I became so passionate that I began to teach and study deeply Oriental disciplines that use the body as a means of revealing knowledge.

I enrolled at the university LUMSA in Rome for a three-year degree and specialized for other two in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, a fascinating course of study that allowed me to acquire another point of view more related to Western culture that uses the processes of mind and thought, conscious and unconscious symbols as instruments of healing and analysis of the human being.

I studied in parallel with many other teachers, related to different disciplines. In particular, for years the psychogenealogy, which through the instrument of family constellations helps to dissolve links and difficulties inherent in the family system gave me yet another fundamental keystone understanding that solving the fundamental problems of the family system is of essential importance. I had the honor of assisting a master of esoteric symbols in Rome, studying the principles of macrobiotics with a nutrition expert, understanding the laws of energetic healing through Reiki, observing the principles and codes that exist in nature and in Bach's flowers as emotional therapy.

I decided after graduating to undertake the master's degree in Mindfulness and become MBSR therapist. I recognized in meditation the most powerful healing instrument.

I got cancer at 26, and that was the biggest school. I wrote a book about illness as a transformation and healing.

I spent a year studying psychoanalytic therapy in a training school in Italy, before meeting the desire to get to the bottom with yoga and meditation and leaving in India at the foot of the Himalayas to study and practices the Sattva Yoga.


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Francesca Maria Salerno

Born in Rome on August 14th 1985, traveler, writer and enthusiast of life. She likes to create moments of deep connection and healing. He now lives in Italy, between Rome and the Tuscan countryside. Organize meditation groups, awareness events, yoga, silent retreats, and MBSR stress reduction courses. Manages the website.




Doctor in Psychology, 2007

Master in Science of Psychology and Human Resources, 2009


MBSR instructor Mindfulness, 2011

SATTVA YOGA ACADEMY (India, Rishikesh)

Sattva Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Master Trainer 2018


• Individual psychology therapies
• Mindfulness Sessions
• Yoga and Meditation group Retreats (